This Blog is Moving!

Take note, friends. This blog is moving!

Also, this is an update of the original post about the blog moving. (August 26, 2015)

First, the important information! Head over to Jonathan Fesmire’s Blog, now hosted directly on my website.

Why the change?

My site, Jonathan Fesmire, Author, is hosted at Wix. Back in May, I discovered that Wix has its own excellent blog platform, which allowed me to start blogging there. The one thing it didn’t have was a way to import the contents of this blog. So, it simply continues where this left off.

I have also added quite a bit to it. I’ve been interviewing steampunk cosplayers, and plan to interview makers, authors, artists, and others involved in the genre. As always, I discuss the development of Bodsious Creed and many things related to steampunk, writing, and fantasy.

If you want even more content, you can subscribe to my newsletter! Each contains something extra not found in the blog. Simply click over to the blog and subscribe.

Again, the continuation of this blog now lives here!

I know you’re not dumb! I just wanted to make that eye-catching.
Thanks for reading, and please check out and bookmark the new link!