El Tiburon: Bounty Hunter

I had forgotten how fun 3D sculpting is! With all the job hunting, freelance work, and school work I’ve been doing, I haven’t had a lot of time to just sculpt in Zbrush. I did work on a World of Warcraft style orc when I was planning on applying to Blizzard, but I made this new figure entirely to be a sculpture rather than an animated figure and it was just really fun.

So, I present the new figure, El Tiburon!

Here’s the real-world history of this character.

When I ran the Bodacious Creed Kickstarter, I wanted to do something special, so I made it possible for high-level backers to create characters for the story. The highest backer wanted a character based entirely on him, basically a Creedverse version of himself as a bounty hunter. Since I had only the basics of the story planned, I was able to plot the book with him as a major character. I do use his real name in the novel, and you’ll have to wait to find out who he is, but many call him El Tiburon.

The only really clear steampunk element in this image is the metal ball on his back. I’m not giving away what that is, either. It’s in the novel. The gun on his left hip is holstered, so you can’t really tell what it is, but it’s a steampunk technology weapon.

The next step is to try to 3D print this model. I’ve already created a base that the figure is standing on, and will have to use supports on my printer to make this work. I’ve set it at 5.2″ tall, so hopefully there will be no material thickness issues.

Oh, this gentleman also helped my son and me move last year, and this sculpture is my thank-you to him. Hopefully the print will go well so I can send it to him!

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