Back to Writing, Almost

For now, I have a long break from school, and am basically concentrating on getting other aspects of my life in place. For instance, I’m looking for a good day job, as freelancing is just not cutting it.

Taking a break from school also means that I’ll be able to move forward on Bodacious Creed again! I’m back to doing research and some detailed planning, though I have most of the next half of the novel figured out.
Just for fun, I modeled this 3D print showing part of the fictional Santa Cruz where Bodacious Creed takes place. Okay, I didn’t really “model” anything. I don’t have time for that and everything else. I used Cityscape: Western Town, then imported the model to my printer. So, it’s also not terribly accurate, but it does have The House of Amber Dove’s and a couple other landmarks in an important area of town.
The next thing I need to finish is a model of one of the characters, which I promised a friend who helped my son and me move last year. I’ll be sharing that as well.