“Tamshi’s Imp” Profits Fight Money in Politics

Though I think that Bodacious Creed is going to be my best novel once it’s finished, my best published novel to date, in my opinion, is Tamshi’s Imp.

For the next two months–so, from this moment until midnight on April 6, all profits for Tamshi’s Imp will go to Wolf Pac! The book is just $2.99 for Kindle, and I will donate the profits from the print versions as well.

What is Wolf Pac?

The first question should really be, “What is The Young Turks?” That’s where this all starts. I’ll make this brief.

The Young Turks is the world’s largest online news organization. This creator of this progressive news outlet, Cenk Uygur (pronounced “Jenk You-gur”) saw that the biggest threat to U.S. democracy today is the fact that the very rich can, and do, buy representatives. Most members of Congress no longer represent the people. They are almost completely owned by conservative, crony-capitalist corporations.

Uygur created Wolf Pac to get money out of politics. Usually it takes Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution, but there’s no way Congressmen are going to vote to give up the donor money they receive. Fortunately, the states can call for a Constitutional convention to pass a new amendment, and several states have already signed on for this, thanks to Wolf Pac. We are making progress.

Getting money out of politics will mean that our representatives are beholden to us, the people of the United States, and not to corporate interests.

Why Wolf Pac?

The root problem with U.S. politics is that our government does not respect our wishes or needs due to being bought off by the very wealthy. Cure the disease, and you’ll remove the symptoms. That’s why I’ve wanted to support Wolf Pac for a long time. It finally struck me today that I had a ready-made way to do so: by donating the profits from one of my novels to the cause.

You can also always donate to Wolf Pac directly! If you buy my book though, you’ll also be getting a great read.

Oh, I also recommend watching The Young Turks, which you can catch on YouTube, for frank, unscripted news.