Casting “Tamshi’s Imp”

Tonight, I discovered a site called If List, that allows anyone to put up a proposal for a film and to then cast that movie. I just had a lot of fun casting what I believe is my best novel so far, Tamshi’s Imp, the story of a woman who discovers a cult bent on taking over the world and destroying the gods of her world. Most of the people who have read my books agree that it is my best so far (I plan for Bodacious Creed to surpass it), so I figured it would be fun to come up with a cast and filmmakers, and it definitely was.

You can check that out at Tamshi’s Imp on If List. If you’ve read it, feel free to cast who you think would most appropriately fill the roles! If not, you can buy it on Amazon in print or Kindle format. Look, I’m not great at marketing my own books. Not yet, anyway. But this is a damned good read if I do say so myself and I just want people to enjoy it. Even James Rollins, writing under his pseudonym James Clemens, endorsed it.

Once I finally finish and publish Bodacious Creed, I plan to set up an If List page for it as well. I mean, this is just too damned fun!

On a final note for this post, I have been extraordinarily busy recently with school (have I mentioned I’m working on my M.S. in Special Education?), 3D printing, looking for a new office job (I’m having nerve problems in my right leg, and any job for which I have to stand up for very long causes more damage), and spending time with my son. I’m going to create some new posts about the printer, work on Bodacious Creed, and more soon. Today was the final day of my current class (well, technically yesterday, as it’s 12:11 am now), so I anticipate some time to write some more posts.