Status Update

Howdy folks! Every once in awhile I like to do a status update in which I over share so that those of you interested in my various projects know what’s up.

When you think of writers and artists, it’s probably easy to imagine us in some idyllic world where we just get to write and create art all day. That would be nice, but the truth is that like most, we have day jobs, loved ones, and a lot of other obligations. As for me, I now have a fun full-time job, and I’m back in grad school full time. (Fortunately, my classes are online, and work is a two minute drive away.) I’m also working on a new demo reel (you can see my current reel on either my personal website or the Bodacious Creed site). Most importantly, I’m a single dad with an awesome son.

I also created some steampunk iPhone cases recently for the iPhone 6 and for the Samsung Galaxy S5, which you can find in my Bodacious 3D shop on Shapeways. (The site recently lowered the price of plastic, so they’re quite affordable!)

So yes, busy!

I am getting two weeks off school during the Christmas holiday season, and am going to put o9ut the effort to write more of Bodacious Creed, my forthcoming novel.

A buddy of mine with a 3D printer also set aside about half a spool of plastic to print things for me, so I hope to get a certain Bodacious Creed model done, and then to figure out what else I’d like him to print.

I realize I also haven’t been updating this blog with new general steampunk posts, and I hope to do more of that soon as well. I  keep seeing interesting things, but I just have to get to them.

And that’s my update. I hope this finds the rest of you enjoying some free time!