Roundtable Revival – Lindsey Stirling

Do you all get the impression that the guy writing Bodacious Creed might be into Wild West Steampunk? That obvious, huh?

And then, I saw a post about a video by Lindsey Sterling called “Roundtable Revival.” Sterling is an excellent violinist who does something most violinists don’t: she dances while she plays. And she’s mastered this art form. Sterling has played with exceptional vocal acts like Peter Hollins and Pentatonix.

The video for “Roundtable Revival” has a western steampunk setting, electric violin, electric guitar, and Sterling’s trademark dancing. It’s a lot of fun, so check it out here:

November 7, 2014 Update

Here we go with a general update about my various projects!

First, I have a feeling a lot of you are wondering what’s happening with Bodacious Creed. Currently, I’m outlining the next few chapters before I write them. I have the general outline, but whenever I get into the details, I realize there were things I didn’t consider. This has been true for all my books, but Bodacious Creed has so many characters that there is a lot to think about.
When I started getting into the nitty-gritty of the current chapter, I realized that certain important characters would need to get involved, which led me to figure out that the plot needs to go in a slightly different direction.
Somehow, quest stories, where the characters are traveling the entire story, are easier. They leave other characters behind and go to the next setting. In a story where everything happens in one town, the motivations of a lot of characters need to be considered every scene.
Hopefully I’ll be able to add a few thousand words to the word count soon.
In other steampunk related news, I was finally able to put an actual iPhone 6 into one of the cases I designed! Thanks, Costco, for having an iPhone I could do that with. Here’s how it looks:
That case is available in my Shapeways store, Bodacious 3D.
I’ve also been working on a new demo reel for a particular job application, and looking for a full time job. It’ll take awhile to finish the reel. Once I do have a job though, I’ll be able to prioritize my art and writing better, and hope to get a lot more done on the book!

Bodacious Creed Bust

Recently, my friend John got a 3D printer. He’s been printing all sorts of things and experimenting with different materials.

I sent him a model of Bodacious Creed to show him how the low resolution model worked. He went ahead and printed the bust! Again, the resolution is low with little detail, but this is still pretty fun.