A Few Updates for Late October

Howdy, Everyone.

First update: I took my iPhone cases on Shapeways out of beta. The Steampunk Clock case printed well at the Shapeways shop, and based on that, I know that the Violin case will also print well. However, they are still selling for beta prices! If you need a good iPhone 6 case that shows some serious style, you can’t beat these.

My Shapeways shop is Bodacious 3D.

Second update: I’m currently looking for a full time job outside the house. I simply can’t find any great jobs online. Much of my focus for now must, by necessity, be diverted from my writing and art. However, I did plan out the basics of the next three or so scenes for Bodacious Creed, and am eager to write them. One in particular I’ve been eager to write since I started the book. Bodacious Creed is never far from my mind!
I will continue to keep everyone updated on interesting steampunk happenings and more, as time permits!