First Scene of Act II

I just wrote the first scene of Act II today! That was much fun. I hope to get another scene written tomorrow.

I haven’t completely finished outlining Act II yet, but I have the major events figured out. I have enough scenes planned, however to get going. When I’ve written more, I’ll have a better grasp on events and motivations to outline more. I’m juggling more characters and situations than I have in past books, making Bodacious Creed a challenge, one I’m thoroughly enjoying.

Act II Revisions

Howdy everyone!

This is just a quick entry to let you all know that I’ve been busy revising the outline for Act II.

After I finished Act I and read the original Act II outline, I realized that the story needed a lot more. Subtle changes happen when writing the actual text of a novel. Character personalities really come out. And, you realize that what was originally planned out no longer really fits.

What this means for Bodacious Creed is more danger, more ruthlessness, and more death.

If you’re interested in my process–and I’m often interested in how other writers work–here’s a bit of how this is working. I read the original outline and thought, “Okay, some of that is good, and some needs to be changed.” Then, I wrote a bunch of notes regarding what many of the characters’ goals were and what they would do to achieve their goals, which naturally suggests scenes and conflict. Then, I started fleshing out these various scenes in my notes, and organizing those scenes.

Yep, for my outlining, that’s about how it goes.

Now, to get back to work.

Act 1 Is Complete!

I just finished the first draft of Act 1!

Now, I’m excited about filling in the outline for Act 2 and moving the story forward. A lot of exciting stuff is about to go down!

The first draft for this act is 56,200 words.