Moved In!

My son and I are moved in to a new apartment! We were living in a studio for the last fourteen months, thanks to some good friends who were charging us a low rent. However, it was tough, especially since my six-year-old has a lot of energy and needs room to run around. At the new place, he has that. We even went out briefly today for a day-late Father’s Day trip to Starbucks, and to get some groceries, and he wanted to come back home!

I’ve got more unpacking to do, but I’ve become pretty Spartan in the number of belongings I have. Those who say to simplify and that stuff isn’t everything are right. Have the things you need, and a few things you really want, and you’ll be pretty set. Plus, these days, you can have most of your books on a tablet, store for you in The Cloud. (Which, as those of us who have been active on the Internet since the mid-90s still think of as “an offsite server.”)

Even though I won’t be able to get Clark into day care immediately, he’s doing so well in the new place that I can actually get significant work done, even with him home. I’m up to 48,600 words in Bodacious Creed, nearly 1/3 of the way done! After I get a little more done around the new apartment, I plan to get to at least 50,000 words tonight. And, now that things have settled down, I expect to get the first draft done in the next two to three months!

So, friends and backers, please hang in there! I know I originally thought I’d have this done by August this year, but that was before I realized that the book would end up running so long, and before some of the financial troubles I ran into. It is on its way!

Oh! I’m also running a GoFundMe campaign to help with moving expenses. We really needed all the donations we’ve received so far. I still need to pay the deposit (they’re very understanding here to wait for it), and to replace my car, which broke down irretrievably during the move. I’ll be working hard at my online job to pay as much as I can, but of course, any help would be wonderful.

The main reason I mention the campaign here, though, is because I’m offering a bunch of Bodacious Creed related rewards, many of which are actually worth much more than you’d pay otherwise! These include custom 3D character models, appropriate for 3D printing!