Next Vlog Post, Head’s Up!

I will be uploading a new vlog soon, something mechanical, something magical, something totally steampunk!

I’ve written the script and have images ready as well. I will put it together soon and will probably post it on Wednesday in the evening, after people are getting off work.  This vlog is about some magnificent Steampunk art you’re all going to love.

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What is Bodacious Creed?

The first vlog entry in awhile is ready for you to enjoy!  This tells all about what I will be doing with the Bodacious Creed vlog going forward.

Operating Table WIP

I do realize that I’ve posted the operating table, part of a large set for Bodacious Creed, recently.  However, I made more progress on it and wanted to share!

So, check it out on its deviantArt page!  Oh, c’mon.  It’s just one click.

Anna’s Operating Table

How funny it is to me, watching my word count!

I’m going through Chapters 5 and 6, making the changes to Anna’s steampunk, scientific discoveries, and I’m writing a lot of new content.  However, since there are changes, I’m also deleting quite a bit of old text.  So my word count is creeping up.  I can hardly wait to get through this section and to start really rolling again.

And yeah, this all reads like the first draft that it still is!  Getting the down is what’s important now.  Making the text sing comes later.  But the story, well… toot toot, I think it’s pretty damned good.

If you watch my demo reel, you’ll see Creed on an 1800s style operating table.  Well, when I actually write a novel, I start improving things and making everything fit together as best I can.  Also, as a 3D modeler and writer, I’m actually building models of some of the things in the book as I write it.  Here’s a preview of what the operating table now looks like.  It is a work in progress, so it will be more complicated.

Operating Table by Anna Lynn Boyd (c) 2014 Jonathan Fesmire

That’s today’s update!  Believe me, there will be more soon.

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Back On a Roll!

A lot has happened in the last couple of months!  Here, I’ll sum up what’s happening regarding the Creedverse.

I’ve been hashing out some of the story details.  If you’re a writer, you know that one change can have a serious ripple effect.  Those who have followed the development of Bodacious Creed also know that the character Anna Boyd is an inventor.  I decided the story would be better if she invented something different than what I had originally conceived, and wow… I have to change a lot of details.

It’s worth it, though, as this one change is making the story much more interesting, and has introduced a mystery that probably won’t be delved into until the second or third book.

With these details in my head, I’m going through Chapters 5 and 6, the last two I wrote, and modifying the story, which will make it easier to go forward.  You’ll notice that the word counter here on the blog is going up again.

I’m also creating a large environment model of Anna’s brothel, the House of Amber Doves, one of the major locations in the story.  Eventually, I plan to have it on my demo reel.  I don’t know, maybe some views of it would even work to help illustrate the novel.

Much of my time since NaNoWriMo ended has been spent job searching, but I have a new full time, freelance job now.  That will make it easier to keep working on Bodacious Creed in my free time.

There are so many exciting scenes I’m eager to get to in this book!  I still hope to have it published in August, though it may be delayed a bit.  I want everyone who reads it to thoroughly enjoy the adventure.