I Passed my Final Review!

Yes!  I just had my Final Review, and I passed!

I was also given some excellent tips on how to improve my demo reel, to give me a more competitive edge.  In any case, here’s my reel as I presented it today.  I’m proud of all the hard work I’ve done!

Enjoy, and thank you for following this blog!

Reel Nearly Done

My final review is in less than a week!

I’m just about done rendering out all the scenes for my reel as well.  I thought I was done, but noticed a glaring problem in the final turntable.  Because of an issue with displacement maps, the use background material, and needing to render hair out in a separate layer, there are obvious gaps in Coconino’s fur when Creed passes  in front of him.  One hundred eighty two frames should fix it: 91 of the coyote’s fur redone, and 91 of Creed without anything else.  The fur will go above the current top layer, and Creed will go over that, and the gaps will be filled in.
If you’re not a 3D artist and that made sense to you, then kudos. 🙂
Once those layers are done, I don’t think I need to render anything else out.  I have a correction or two that I can make on a few frames in Photoshop or directly in After Effects, though.  Then, I’ll set up the end credits, and voila!  Demo reel!
AAU final reviews for online students are held in an online video chat room.  They’ll be able to watch the reel, and I”ll be able to upload and show the final Power Point presentation about the project.
I’ll report back when it’s done!