Wrapping Up

This is an interesting time for me.  It’s rather amazing that I have only four weeks left of my Academy of Art University education!  So, I’m busy rendering Bodacious Creed, which is coming along well.  I’m rendering out the second of three scenes.

It was going so slowly at first.  I realized that to get it done in time, I needed to get a laptop.  With my desktop being about three years old, the laptop is rendering faster.  It’s great to have two computers rendering this out at once and has already saved me a lot of time.  Now, I feel like I can go back to Scene 1 later and render out another turntable or two, to add to the reel.

I’m rambling, aren’t I?  Anyway, what else?

I’ve been applying for a lot of freelance jobs.  I won the bid for a small job, and have been working on that.  Hopefully, that will lead to more work.  I’ve also gotten encouraging replies on jobs that I haven’t received.  I have ideas for two classes I would like to teach at the community center, too.  Once this reel is finished, I’ll be able to start applying to studios.

For my thesis, I also wrote the final review of my thesis work, and sent that off for professional printing, and have done prints of some of my work.  I will send all this to the academy later in the week for their archives, along with what I have finished of the demo reel.  Once the final reel is done, I will submit it online for my final review on December 8.

So, that’s about it for now.  I will probably not do another vlog until my demo reel is finished.

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