Clothes & Skin

I just posted a new vlog!  It’s so great to be in the swing of things again with my thesis.

This video covers the work I did since last Wednesday, including starting Creed’s clothes and continuing to blend Boyd’s texture.  Enjoy!

Zombification Begins

Man, I love getting into my work!  I’ve started the zombification of Bodacious Creed, and yes, I’ve posted a blog showing this.

Over the last week and a half, I’ve been working a lot on my thesis again.  Appropriate, as that’s when the Spring semester started!  The latest post to my vlog shows my progress on turning Creed into a zombie, and on texturing Anna Lynn Boyd.

Since recording and posting this video last night, I of course have done more work. I’m currently blending in and completing Anna’s texture, and have done further sculpting on the back of her knees. I also realized that I need to work on Creed’s clothes. Since I plan to rig a version of him for Introduction to Rigging, I should probably have him dressed. Plus, he’s going to look so awesome in Old West clothing and the removable metal Steampunk style mask.

Several people have commented on Anna Lynn and Creed’s bodies. To some, it looks like Anna’s hips are too narrow, and Creed’s are too wide. That is actually what the people they are modeled after look like. It’s funny, but since I’ve started sculpting and drawing people over the last few years, to see how much these things are exaggerated in stylized art. Yes, there are women with very wide hips. There are also women with hips narrower than what we expect. As for Creed, the model is probably in his early fifties, and while he’s in pretty good shape, that’s the shape of his body. The young woman is very attractive, and the man looks well, quite manly. Hopefully this will come across more as the models are completed.

Isabelle – NSFW

Over the Winter break, while I set Bodacious Creed aside, I continued to use my modeling skills for other projects.  One of those is Couch Zombies, the YouTube comedy that I hope you will check out and subscribe to.

The other was a model of a woman named Isabelle Boudart.  Her husband hired me to create a model of her and to composite her into a photograph he took in France.  I’m also going to render some other views of the model with a neutral background, and a turntable of the model, for the gentleman.

Here’s the main image though.  It’s also in my deviantArt gallery, and his.  Working on this was excellent practice for work I will be doing in my thesis, such as posing and re-sculpting the model.

This image is technically not safe for work.  Fair warning.