There are two main files I need to finish up for my Midpoint Review.  One is a proposal document, and the other is a Power Point presentation.  I’m just about done with the proposal.  I need to add acknowledgments, some portfolio pieces, and a production time line.  I’ve just started on the Power Point presentation, and I’m going to look over proposals that other students have done, so I have a better idea of what I need to put in this.  I suspect it will mostly be just a different format for presenting the same information that is in the proposal.

I’ll share more as it develops!  Meanwhile, remember to check out the Bodacious Creed store tee-shirts and other cool swag.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome if this story got big and popular during its development?  I want to see if that can happen.  If you enjoy it, be part of it!  Comment!  Get a shirt!  Bug me to finish the graphic novel!  (The thesis comes first though in the land of Creed!)

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