Bodacious Creed: a #Steampunk #Zombie #Western – #hardcover #giveaway

$25 Value

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Jonathan Fesmire, steampunk author, blogger, and podcaster, is giving away a limited edition hardcover copy of his novel Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western, to one lucky winner!

This is part of the lead-up to the novel’s release on August 18, 2017!

This hardcover edition will be signed for the winner.

With Bodacious Creed, you’ll get in on the first novel of a series, a steampunk adventure in the Wild West like you’ve never experienced!

(Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western is now available for pre-order! It’s $13.95 for the paperback, and just $1.49 for Kindle until August 18, 2017! Secure your paperback copy today.)

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